Refrigerator Maintenance

Refrigerator Maintenance at Home

Refrigerator Maintenance Repair

Your refrigerator works 24 hours a day, every day. Over time, dirt and dust build up, making it less efficient and more expensive. There are a couple of guides to follow in maintaining your refrigerator. We’ve outlined them below, and if followed timely and properly, it will make your fridge serve you longer.

Here are some refrigerator maintenance tips to follow at home:

– Clean refrigerator compressor area.
Compressor is one of the main parts in the refrigerator. It is what produces cool air from ammonia refrigeration, in tern cooling your fridge. Dust that gets inside and outside of the area will put a strain on the engine, causing it to fault. Dusting and vaccuiming this area will prevent future refrigerator problems.

– Refrigerator door rubber check
It is important to make sure the refrigerator door rubbers are in tact and are not torn. The door rubber prevents cool air from ecaping your refrigerator and minimizing the strain on the mechanism.

– Check and despense waiste water from refrigerator
Each refrigerator has a water drainage system. Remove excess water from the fridge drainage system and clean the excess water hole.

Refrigerator maintenance services at home:

Clean the condenser.
Check and properly adjust the thermostat.
Check the defrost drain for blockage and leaks.
Check the ice dispenser

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